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Social Media Trends This Week - Gypsy Rose, Chappell Roan and Hawk Tuah Girl

Social media can be overwhelming, and that's why we're chronically online—so you don't have to be. Here are the social media trends this week that you can replicate for your personal or business handles.

Here are the top 3 topics people are talking about online:

  • Gypsy Rose is Pregnant

    • If you live under a rock or haven't turned on HBO or Hulu in the past few years, Gypsy Rose is a young woman who convinced her boyfriend to kill her mother back in 2015. Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s mother, Dee Dee, falsely claimed her daughter was suffering from different illnesses until Gypsy arranged for her boyfriend to kill her mother in 2015. Buzzfeed's investigative journalism department picked up the story that turned into an HBO documentary, a Hulu series, and finally a Lifetime series - all to disclose the trials and tribulations of Gypsy's unique upbringing and coming of age.

    • After being imprisoned, Gypsy quickly married Ryan Anderson and is already getting a divorce. She moved on with Ken Urker, and they are having a baby together.

    • Why is this important? Here's how you'll turn it into content for your business:

      • Divorce/Family Law: In Missouri, Ryan will be recognized as the child's father on the birth certificate because the divorce has not been finalized. To switch it to Ken, there must be paternity tests and whatnot to change the name. You can talk about these laws, any loopholes, or professional advice you'd give Gypsy from your perspective.

      • Estate Law: Share your legal perspective about what Gypsy should do with this baby daddy mess should she suddenly pass.

      • Pop Culture Addict: Give your two cents on what you think about all of this

      • PR/Marketing: Is this a good move for her online presence? She already has a ton of that. It doesn't help that her ex Ryan and Ken are fighting each other online, making matters worse for the public perception. We want to know what you think!

  • Hawk Tuah Girl at Hard Rock

    • We've talked about it before here, but you can read up on Hawk Tuah girl here.

    • Daer Dayclub at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino invited Miss Haliey Welch to celebrate hitting one million Instagram followers over the weekend. They paid Haliey a whopping $30,000, to which she was moved to tears over. (asi cualquiera!)

    • Here's how you'll turn this content into gold for your business:

      • PR/Marketing: What is her next marketing move? She recently went on a podcast and said she quit her job, signed to an agency, and is moving to LA over her 15 seconds of fame. She's getting paid for club appearances (not sure why); what should she do with the fame to keep it going?

      • Financial Advisors: This isn't a new story. Someone gets rich quick and can easily lose it all overnight without any precautions made. What would you advise Ms. Welch to do with her newfound money/fame?

      • If you work at the Hard Rock: Give us your perspective on how this day went! Was she nice? Was she nervous? What was she hired to do? Give us all the behind-the-scenes!

  • Charli XCX, Sabrina Carpenter, and Chappell Roan

    • The Pop Music girlies are BACK! If you've scrolled on TikTok the past few weeks, everything has either Espresso, Apple, or Hot To Go! as the background music. It goes without saying to use any of these audios as the audio for any video you have going on.

    • However, I set this one apart because I wanted to highlight Kim Townend's data-driven research about the three pop artists and their current impact on social media. It's sooooo good.

    • To sum it up: "This is not the bubblegum pop of previous generations, these songs feature themes of generational trauma, LGBTQ relationship issues, and more, all while remaining danceable and largely upbeat. This is a self-aware, new breed of female artists who write smart, sexy songs that sound good and discuss big, relatable issues, and it seems that this summer at least, everyone is digging it."

To round out today's post, here are a few video trends that are fun to do with your team this week for social:

  • Fit check chant: This is a super wholesome trend! Just choose two aspects of your outfit and add the beat to it. I mean, look what this senior home did! It's been on my mind all week long.

  • Attitude! Now walk off: Gather everyone in a line and either use this audio and follow along or make the sound yourself. Show your personality (or your mom), and walk off.

  • But on a deeper level...: You're just going to use images for this one. Four to be exact. First slide will say, "if you were to ask me about X" (input a topic or an object you like or hate a lot). The second slide will say, "I'd say it's [insert a regular, neutral statement such as "I'd say it's a cool drink"]. The third slide will say, "But if. you ask me on a deeper level...". The fourth slide will say, "I'd say [insert your real feelings about it, but go in-depth]. Here's your example using iced coffee.

Have fun posting! And message us when it's up, we want to see it!


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