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Top Trending TikTok Challenges You Need to Try this Week: 1/29/24

A lot happened in pop culture this past weekend! Before we jump into what trends to use for this week, let's dive in real quick. Why? Because even YOU can use these for your business online. Jumping on pop culture is a great way to capitalize on what's going on in the world and apply it to you - you get new followers and viewers from it!

  • Megan The Stallion vs. Nicki Minaj: For a brief explanation of what's going on, essentially Megan The Stallion seems to have dissed Nicki Minaj on her new song, Hiss. In it she says, "These h*** don't be mad at Megan, these h*** mad at Megan's Law." Minaj was offended because her brother and her husband know Megan's Law all too well - Megan's Law is a federal law in the United States requiring law enforcement authorities to make information available to the public regarding registered sex offenders. If you haven't caught the drift yet, Minaj's brother and husband are sex offenders. Minaj went on to put out Bigfoot, a response track. So how can you use this for your business?

    • Use either song as the background for a video: both audios are on the high wave right now, easy to use, and easy to get numbers on

    • If you are in the legal sphere: talk about Megan's Law, how this pertains to your area where you live (i.e. did you know in Miami you can click here to see what sex offenders live in your neighborhood?), and connect it back to what you do (i.e. "I'm a criminal defense attorney, call me if you need help on either side of Megan's Law"). You can also talk about how Nicki Minaj's song, which outright calls out Megan, could be legal grounds for defamation.

    • If you are in the music industry: loads to talk about but if you happen to be a local DJ, put your spin on it, like this person right here.

  • Justin Timberlake vs. Britney Spears: Justin Timberlake just released a song called "Selfish". Britney Spears also has a song called "Selfish". Guess which one is topping the other! So how can you use this for your business?

    • If you are a Britney fan, use her 'Selfish' song as the background of a video.

    • If you are a Justin fan, use his 'Selfish' song as the background of a video.

    • If you are petty, make a video about how happy you are that Justin isn't getting his #1 and your memories with Britney.

  • Taylor & Travis: Ah. Sweet love. If these two are PR, please get them an Oscar because WOW. Anyway, the Chiefs are headed to the Super Bowl and we got great clips of Taylor and Travis celebrating. Use them in a meme format sooner rather than later before we're onto the next round of pictures for the love birds like we did here. So how can you use this for your business?

    • Use the following images to showcase you/your business and a product/service/moment you love.

Andy Reid, coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, pointing at singer songwriter, Taylor Swift at the AFC Championship game.

Singer songwriter Taylor Swift kissing Kansas City Chief's Tight End, Travis Kelce after the Kansas City Chiefs won the AFC Championship.


A to Z Social Agency's Top TikTok Trends for the week of January 29, 2024

Here are our TikTok trends for the week:

  • Ancestors vs. Animals Nowadays: Put a picture of your cat, dog, or animal back in the day or in a coloring book (or screenshot from this video) and put a silly response like your dog in a sweater or your cat tucked in bed. Hilarious, start scrolling. Do it if you are pet-centric or you have a mascot in the office.

  • Darling Won't You Take Me Home <3: Super easy to do! TikTok is prioritizing pictures in a carousel (ironic, don't ask me my feelings about this). Put a picture of your business empty and then full with the text "home" on the second image. Can also be applied to you as a person alone and then the second picture is your place of business.

  • Team Working Together: Can be applied to any business that's in an office! Pick a website for food and easily record this one. Helps show that you and your team have personalities!

Stay tuned for next week for what trends to look out for!


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