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Pop Culture: Your Ticket To Getting Hits, Incorporating Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Relationship

Why should you care that Taylor Swift might be dating Travis Kelce? It doesn't matter if you're a Swiftie or a Chief's fan, getting in on pop culture gossip is your ticket to going viral and increasing views on your profile.

Don't think of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce as people for a second, think of them as spheres. In one sphere, you have a musician and in the other, you have the National Football League (NFL). What happens when one of the greatest pop stars of our time goes to a Sunday football game?

A tweet from Dov Kleiman saying the Chiefs and Bears game was the most watched telecast on any Network with 24.3 million viewers.

A picture with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. On the right, it says "24.3 million viewers. America's game of the week swiftly scores the most-watched telecast of the week on any network."

A headline that reads "Taylor Swift effect: Travis Kelce jersey sales spike nearly 400%"

Imagine the boyfriends/husbands that stole the television all day long suddenly getting joined by all the girlfriends/wives because the NFL was saying Taylor Swift references all day long.

Imagine how big this was for engagement that Usher's announcement as the Apple Music Halftime Show performer has barely been anyone talked about. Even the NFL TikTok page changed their bio to read: "9/24/23: Taylor was here."

Why does this matter to you, you might ask? Using this trend for your platforms in an authentic way is a concept called Audience Stealing. When you steal an audience, you adapt your business to the trend and steal another's audience; in this case, you'd be catching the eyes of those who care about football and Taylor Swift. Which at the moment, is a whole lot.

Here is how we adapted it to our client, Night Owl Cookies. We photoshopped a picture of Taylor Swift at the Chief's game with a cookie they made for the Kansas City Chiefs back when they were playing against the Philadelphia Eagles for the Super Bowl in February of 2023. A quick screenshot from the old video and superimposing Swift's face on it led to plenty of numbers.

A red cookie with white frosting and red and gold sprinkles. On it is a white circle with a picture of Taylor Swift inside.

The post went out at 6 PM on September 25, 2023. In just three hours, it had 454 likes, 127 shares, and 6,537 accounts reached. By 11:53 AM the next day, it had 677 likes, 200 shares, and 11,172 accounts reached. I'm writing this at 11:54 AM on September 26 and I'm sure the numbers will keep growing.

How can you adapt it to yours?

  • Family lawyer: Talk about what a hypothetical prenup would be for these two should they get married

  • Female Boutique: Outfits you'd have Taylor Swift wear now that since Travis Kelce is 6'5 and she's 5'9 and she can comfortably wear heels for date night

  • Male Boutique: Outfits Travis Kelce can wear the next time he supports her at a concert

  • Sports Podcast: How the NFL can capitalize on introducing a whole new audience that wouldn't have watched football earlier

  • Arts & Crafts Store: Taylor Swift has referenced football before in her songs, make merch with those lyrics

  • Painting Company: If you have painted anything red, post the footage or picture with the song "Red" by Taylor Swift

  • Realtor: Showcase what houses are possible purchases for the couple should they move in together (use humor, of course!)

Need help figuring out how else to use pop culture for your business? Give us a call at 305-509-0800 or shoot us an email at for a free marketing consultation.

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