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Top Social Media Trends You Need to Try This Week: 3/26/24

March Madness has arrived - both literally and figuratively. It's that time of year when people are talking about the weather, brackets, and the time change. So here's how we can combine all of it! We'll be focusing on social media trends you can do with your team this week.

A to Z Top TikTok Trends for the week of March 26, 2024


You can take this in a multitude of ways to celebrate March Madness.

  • Host a watch party: Should that be applicable, a watch party can bring in a different kind of crowd for your business or help you and your staff bond over basketball

  • Root for your home team: Is your staff represented by multiple colleges in the tournament? Shout them out and that'll increase engagement online as people root for their favorite team.

  • Watch out for the memes: As the games get bigger and bigger towards the end, there will be PLENTY of memes to use from both the Women's March Madness & the Men's March Madness. Keep an eye out (or follow us) to find out which ones to use.

Need to create content? Showcase every staff member, which team they're rooting for, and how far they think they'll go. You can also lovingly make fun of each other with this audio (use it with someone whose team is still playing and whose team lost).


I swear people get goofier when the weather gets hotter, so enjoy this team bonding exercise. Nothing to do with work and all about showing the personalities of your office (which is just as important).


At the moment, Jennifer Lopez is getting a bit of hate online for her recent documentary, movie, and snippets going viral on TikTok about her time at the Bronx or about her Bodega order. You can take this a few ways:

  • Jump on the train: do your rendition of this or provide commentary like this. Great for gyms because you already have messy hair or if your staff has the personality for it.

  • If you are a sandwich shop: stitch this with how you'd order your actual order at the bodega.

  • Legal Side of Things: think of an angle to talk about JLO, whether it's the defamation going on or the accusations that she really can't sing, there has to be something legal in all of this to talk about. Is her documentary flop the beginning of her financial success? Can she sue for everyone making fun of her?

'Till next week!


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