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Top Trending TikTok Challenges You Need to Try this Week: 2/12/24

The Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras - AHHHHHH. This week is a LOT. Let's break down what you can do this week on social to make it easier on you. Our Gen Z Correspondent has put together the top trends you need to do this week on TikTok & Instagram.

Let's start with the easy money: Super Bowl. There are SO many meme-worthy moments from Sunday's Super Bowl game to use for your business. This isn't even about whether you like Travis, Taylor, or the NFL - it's about capitalizing on an event that not only has such a wide array of audiences but has plenty of angles to use.


This one is incredibly easy! Put the word "Me" over Travis Kelce and what it is you love about your business on Taylor Swift. Could be a food item like we did here or a service you offer like we did here.


Similar to Travis & Taylor, but not as romantic. Think of this one as something you love but that also brings you happiness, like margaritas.


Use this one when you feel really passionate about something, like the pronunciation of an item or something you've always been right about. This one can be hit or miss because it could turn negatively (i.e. "Our X is better than X from the competitor"). We put a bilingual spin on it here.


This one to me is the funniest meme because you can play on a lot here. It can be something you have to Google, poke fun at your Mom who blames you for forgetting her password, or anything to do with not knowing how technology works. Don't fall into the trap of making this one too wordy.

There are a few others to use, such as Taylor and her friends jumping and screaming, Alicia Keys feeling powerful, Taylor praying for a touchdown, and Jason Kelce in his overalls. Have fun with them but you do have until about Tuesday, February 13 or Wednesday, February 14 the LATEST before your timeline is overrun by all things Valentine's.

Now, onto the good stuff! Here are the top 3 trends you should use this week for your social media.

Tag us in anything you make! We want to see it all!

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